Austin TX

The Blind Tiger became a vision shortly after Burning Man 2015.  It manifested from the idea of having a working, old fridge in deep playa always full of cold beverages for the thirsty Burner.  Soon we were talking about building a Speakeasy.

The Blind Tiger is a dual purpose, interactive Art piece that requires participation. The piece inspires play and creativity. To have all your senses aroused and stimulated.  Being a true Speakeasy, you have to figure out the secrets and clues to get inside. The name Blind Tiger is from an illegal drinking establishment where the seller's identity is always concealed.  Usually a drawer could be found in a room and you would insert change, shove the drawer back and a few moments later pull out the drawer again and there you have it.  Find the drawer on the outside of the Blind Tiger and enjoy a special medicinal recipe.

During prohibition you could get a pint of medicinal whiskey, rum or gin with the aid of a medical professional issuing you a prescription.  If you are one of lucky ones to figure out your way inside you will enjoy your own personalized prescription to trade for a garnished, medicinal recipe.  From these medicinal recipes the cocktail was born to make the bootlegged liquor more palatable.  

The Art Piece

The Story

The Blind Tiger is a rustic, vintage workshop of art inventions, containing many oddities, gadgets, and alluring objects.

You are invited to participate, explore and invent at the Blind Tiger.


On the outside of this mysterious structure, there are gears at work -- rumbling away, while producing delicate gifts. You can enjoy the view from a widow's walk with a charming cupola, and you can invent your own experience by touching, exploring, and playing with all the intriguing and unknown objects. Try gazing into one of the windows to see the playa past. Explore each of the objects, as some will help keep you warm on those magical, chilly playa nights. Try figuring out all of the clues, passwords, and ways to get inside. Keep in mind that all the ways and clues of yesterday will rapidly change to keep the Speakeasy and it's mysteries concealed -- this will enable every participant to explore and create their own experience.

Once you've unlocked the pathways to the inside, enjoy the swanky speakeasy, dance to jazz, and receive your own personalized prescription. Please don't forget -- take a menu that lists all of the prescriptions (ingredients) and their medicinal uses.‚Äč