Chapter 1 — The Discovery

It was a fairly hot day in BRC, and most of the members of the camp were getting their day started with breakfast, performing various acts of the hygiene variety, complete with the soundtrack of the morning playa.

The thermometer that was next to a whiteboard scrawled with camp duties, notes from visitors and other camp members, was sitting right above the 90 mark on the side marked “F” for Fahrenheit. Someone had made good use of a sharpie, and a slanted “aeries” was written in after it, barely legible, indicating it was likely an act of whim in the hours just before the sky began to lighten.

After the morning shuffle was over, a portion of the camp was ready to go venture off to nearby or otherwise undiscovered places. They decided to explore some parts of the “deep playa”, and had ventured a fair ways, and they all had began to feel their thirsts creeping in, right as one of them notices an interesting looking structure, that had a rustic, vintage appearance, and also appeared adorned with mysterious and otherwise uncommon objects.

As they draw closer, they start to notice more of the details, and they became increasingly curious and drawn to it as they approached, and one of them points out that it seems some of these antiqued, almost otherworldly looking objects appear to be a puzzle. The group as a whole became increasingly excited as they reached this curious looking structure, and several were engaged with the various gadgets — one pulled a lever while they turned a couple of gears, another kept entering different patterns on a numerical keypad. At some point thereafter, a door opened, that had previously gone unnoticed ­­ however, wasn’t the only thing that had gone unnoticed — so too, was the seemingly benign bystander, who then became animated and approached the code-breaker. The code-breaker was at first caught off guard, but immediately became fascinated with the attire of the approaching bystander, who was adorned with a mix of early 20th century meets timetraveling desert steampunk attire. It became apparent at this moment, that this time transcending individual might have been part of this wondrous creation, and just then they leaned in and whispered, “This whole time, you were the key.. go forth and brace yourself for the next journey.. but first, please don’t give away the secrets, and allow the others to start an adventure of their own..” With a bright, dusty smile, the steampunk timetraveler resumed with more volume, “Thank you for discovering the Blind Tiger, and enjoy your visit.. now who’s next? I may not be able to foresee your future, but I might be able to provide some guidance for this next step of your journey.”

To be continued..