Megs is a software developer in Austin, Texas, who likes whiskey and board games. This will be her first ever Burning Man! She's been doing regional Texas burns for years and decided to step up her game. Are you even reading this? Who reads bios all the way to the end?

Additional Team Members:

Kevin G. , Kaleb A., Leland D.R., and Kevin K.

Chris "Good Egg" Hill

Born and raised Houstonian. Still trying to get out and feel the world. Jack of many trades, master of none. Chris is too damn nice and never says no. Give him a beer, and you have a friend for life. It's his first rodeo out on the playa, so if you see him wandering aimlessly or hanging around the speakeasy, show him something amazing!


Patricia is an urban farmer and has a deep love for nature and environmental sustainability. She lives in Austin, Texas with her beloved husband, two wiener dogs, six chickens and abundant garden.


Saraphina is a master juggler of time and space. She is currently an office manager for a construction company, and before that, sailed the high seas on a Navy aircraft carrier. She loves nature and to get her hands dirty. Although she has been a part of numerous local burns in the Central Texas Area, this will be her first Burning Man.  

Fun Facts about Saraphina:      

She has literally traveled the circumference of the world, driven across the entire United States from one cost to the other, and has worked one of the world’s most dangerous jobs (according to the Discovery Channel).

Blind Tiger Team


Sandra is an Austin grown oddity who enjoys writing, drumming, playing bass, and attempts to make stuff with metal and wood. She also enjoys diving in the deep end, head first, without any gear whatsoever -- nor does she bother to think about what might happen, until reality supersedes objectivity. "Breathing? What's that? Ohhh, so that's why scuba divers wear those mask things..."

She does her best to decompress appropriately, however -- unless we're talking about Radiohead here -- nobody likes the bends.


Ready is an Austin tech entrepreneur, outdoors-person, traveler, writer, and startup company fanatic. Curious to a fault, he's excited to be heading to the desert with his new Austin Friends.

** proof Ready is not a robot to come!


Kim  rearranges words for a living. Sometimes she even puts them on photos. Her first big burn was a welcome escape from grad school in 2008, and she's returned every election year since. A native central Texan, she likes bicycles, beer, being barefoot, and (b-)alliteration.


Nick enjoyed being part of a pretty awesome thing in the Flipside mud, and now wants to try doing one in the dust. If you see him wandering about, don't be afraid to offer him a dusty high five, or a dusty smile.


Matt plays around with virtual reality, eyeballs, and building a robot army. He's been in Austin for almost four years and has been burning brightly ever since he thought heading to desert might be fun back in 2006.

Lead Artist


Sharon aka Roxy currently works for an online fashion company in Austin by day, but by party-time, can be found climbing silks, working on her biceps, and costuming it up generally every chance she gets. This will be her first journey to Burning Man -- she figured after 6 years of Flipside, it was time to up the burning game. 
P.S. -- Challenge her to an arm wrasslin'. She likes that. 


Freddie is an amazing hugger and sound ninja. He currently works as a designer for home theater and automation. He enjoys figuring out problems, and making things work. Although he has been a part of numerous local burns in the Central Texas Area, this will be his first Burning Man. People can find him easily in a crowd by his laugh.

Milo Smith

Speakeasy/Bar/Cocktail Lead

Austin TX

Button (Missy Stewart) returns to Burning Man in 2016 after an 8 year hiatus. On her last trip to the Playa (2008), she was part of the international art team lead by Dadara with his "DreamYourTopia" project. Her burner resume begins with Flipside 2004 and since then she has been active in the Community across several regional burns as a theme camp lead, Ranger, various volunteer leads and general gopher. She is also the organizer of the annual Dallas Bunny Rampage ... which relocates to Austin in Spring 2017 with her recent move. Her greatest joy is her 19 year old daughter (also the current reigning Miss Myschievia 2016) who although raised in the Community had to wait 12 years to attend her first burn. Proud momma -- that kid took to it like a fish to open water. Gig 'em!

Jennie O.

​Jennie is a technical writer, semi-professional skee ball player, and doggy mom who has lived in Austin for nine years.  She enjoys cooking for her friends, making old things pretty again, and drinking fancy cocktails.

Special thanks to all of those that have donated their time, skills, and support -- we truly couldn't have come this far without you. Words can't express our gratitude enough, but we went through the trouble of updating our webpage at least, right?

Jeremy Schuster

Taylor Murchison

Dan Oliver

Beau Reichert

Jason Spradlling

John England

..and many more (and we have every intention to list your name in our book of heroes) which we certainly won't ever forget -- lest you catch us by the tail.

Justin "Tribe" Newlin

Justin has always been driven by the next unique experience. A creator that loves assembling and rallying teams to achieve whatever task is at hand. When not globetrotting with his lovely wife Patricia, you may find Justin working on his latest urban farming project, building various tech solutions for large and small companies or catching some sunshine at one of Austin's many watering holes. 2016 will be his 6th big burn and first time to be a part of a proper Burning Man project!

Bass Kitten

Calley aka Bass Kitten is from Dallas Texas (born and raised). She has been spreading love and light with her DISCOBUCKETS since November 2014. She has been to 11 regional burns so far, #12 will be the BIG burn. She loves photography, cooking , dancing, massage therapy, all things art, creating and sharing. She loves to help others and does her best to bring sunshine to all she encounters.  She looks forward to the exciting adventures with Blind Tiger!


Jaime, a Chicago native who grew up in Austin, currently works as a private DJ and installs rainwater collection systems.

Kevin aka Hugz is a 10 year native of Austin working in IT/Computers (BUT).  He has lived in MN, GA, TN, FL and NJ.  In his travels, he has been involved in many types of work and is an excellent problem solver. Chances are, if you have a problem, Kevin can find a fix. Since he began participating in burn events in 2013, he has been to 14 regional burns and Burning Man once (2013). He has been involved in one or more art project or team project for nearly every regional he's attended. For Burning Man in 2014, he made 1,300 pendants for the Texas Souk team to give away to participants. He also provides massage therapy as part of a spa camp, otherwise if he is going with a project team, he brings his table with him.

Tiffaney Benson

Tiffaney is always living life to the fullest and loving every second of it. An estate manager by default, and an Artist by passion. Always smiling and never shy to make creative ideas a reality, Tiffaney embodies the portrait of an artist, with the added distinction of realizing greater accomplishments can be achieved through inspiring others to join and be an integral part of her artistic creations.