Reminiscing of the fun on the playa 2016 and thinking about 2017............


The Blind Tiger is thinking about a trip to Colorado this summer to attend Apogea!!!  

June 8th - 11th 2017

The Black Rock Blind Tiger is a rustic, vintage speakeasy containing many oddities, gadgets, and alluring objects. Participate, perform, explore & immerse yourself to experience the magic of The Blind Tiger. Invent your own experience by touching & playing with all of the intriguing objects on the inside and outside of the mysterious structure. Try gazing into the windows to see the past. Explore each of the objects to figure out the clues and determine the password, which will allow you inside, but keep in mind—all the clues of yesterday will rapidly change to keep the Blind Tiger and its mysteries concealed. Once you’ve unlocked the pathway to the inside, enjoy the swanky speakeasy, dance to jazz, and receive your own personalized prescription.



Black Rock

Blind Tiger


Stay tuned for upcoming events!

We had an Amazing, Spooky time at our All Hallows Eve fundraiser!  Thanks for all the support.

Guy Fawkes All Hallows Eve